About Greg Rucker

The Journey Home

The Journey Home 5 foot cardboard sculpture / oil paint

At the early age of 13, I became interested in using cardboard as a medium of art. Up to that point, much of my childhood was spent drawing and painting, but sculpting was my passion. After exploring different mediums of sculpting, cardboard became my primary which, unlike papier-mâché, is a unique and tedious process of molding which involves no water or armature. I had studied great sculptors like Michelangelo, and much of my artwork is inspired by human and animal anatomy, history, and religious belief. My fascination with history and horses in particular inspired me to sculpt horses and buggies. Currently being a soldier in the United States Army, I have sculpted numerous Tuskegee Airmen and Buffalo Soldiers. Most of all, my enthusiasm with history and the involvement of my personal life – being a husband and a father of three – are what drive my creativity.

I have had gallery shows in numerous locations including the Clayton Art Gallery in Jonesboro, Georgia where I won first place in the Road Travel art show in 2008. Other galleries which have featured my artwork include: Franks Art Gallery in Pittsview, Alabama; Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon, Georgia; Primitive Folk Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia; ATHUN Art Gallery in Savannah, Georgia; and Art Center Gallery in Jackson, Mississippi.

To me, ART is much like a caterpillar and its ability to transform into a beautiful butterfly. I chose cardboard as my primary medium of art for the fact that the butterfly and caterpillar are one in the same, though manifested in different forms. For example, a cardboard box is an everyday utensil we either disregard or use for mundane purposes. The foremost inspiration for my art is converting what others might call junk into something beautiful. My eco-friendly art sculptures are meant to show the creativity of the human mind, my inspirations being rooted deeply in my spirituality, beliefs, and love for art.

So, take a JOURNEY on this website through videos and a monthly blog for UNIQUE and environment-friendly ART.